making a tote bag!

hello hello! I'm back with a post about making something... It's like how I started! This time it's a super simple tote bag - I want to make a million of these in different colours. My tutorial probably isn't detailed enough if you're a beginner sewer so I suggest having a look around because there are probably many more detailed tutorials than mine! But I thought I would show you the basic steps I took to make it in an afternoon creative session. It's so exciting knowing that you can make any shape and size tote in the world, but I was thinking more practicality with this one. I want to make one with a completely rounded bottom, a super long strap or even add pockets on the front. But that's for next time! Here I made a bigger bag with thick straps (because that's what I prefer - hurts less if you're carrying something heavy like a laptop).


I'm so happy to be back, if there's anyone left here do let me know what kind of posts you want to see :)

much love, chloe